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What motivates someone to betray their own people? To be disloyal? Money? Ego? Idealism? Traitor/Patriot unravels the intricate stories of people who committed espionage against the countries or companies they were meant to protect. Each episode tells a different tale of betrayal, analyzes the secretive methods utilized by the traitors to accomplish their missions, and how intelligence agencies outsmarted them to catch them in the act and bring them to justice. The creators of our show were responsible for hunting down and catching the biggest spies in our country’s history. From the FBI, CIA, U.S. Congress and international agencies, our counter intelligence experts will take viewers deep inside this game of cat and mouse, decipher the profile of a traitor, how they were caught, and what the actual and potential damage from each breach.

Director: Conor Morris, Marek Bureš
DOP: Prokop Souček


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